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Air other claim against Stonington police

I read with interest Sten Spinella’s reporting of the rally held at Stonington Police Department on July 5, “Stonington rallies in support of hotel assault victim, Black Lives Matter.”

I find a few things very disturbing, even questionable. The article states that Sean Dinwoodie told of an incident his wife suffered while walking with their child in Stonington. Mrs. Dinwoodie is a Black woman. Stonington police asked if the child was hers, took her identification and threatened to call DCF. Then the police escorted her to her appointment and would not return her ID until her white therapist vouched for her.

Was this incident ever reported to authorities? If not, why not? Was this incident ever reported in The Day? If a person has a complaint against a local police department, but does not want to make the complaint at that department, where should they go? Is anyone planning to investigate this incident?

Victims should realize that if they do not report, they are allowing perpetrators to continue to victimize others. They also risk that people will be skeptical. Facts become more difficult to prove.

It will be interesting if Stonington police have any answers to the Dinwoodies’ accusation. They are entitled to respond and should.

Claire Murphy




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