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Figureheads for a different reason

I am committed to hearing a variety of opinions, their respective arguments, and if the argument holds, I try to integrate the belief into my world view. I, however, do not see the need to listen to unreasoned opinions, and further find the elevation of those opinions to be irresponsible in any news organization.

I consider the printing of Mr. Sullivan’s “‘What Went Wrong?’” (July 4), an affront of the above stated position. Mr. Sullivan insinuated that the current figureheads of the Black Lives Movement, “…Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and George Floyd,” are not worthy of their current status, especially when compared to heroes such as Thurgood Marshall or Martin Luther King Jr.

This comparison does not hold. MLK and Marshall chose to bear the mantle of the Civil Rights Movement, whereas Brown, Garner, and Floyd were killed merely because of the color of their skin. So, the men Mr. Sullivan touted are heroes for different respective reasons. Comparing them is irresponsible, never mind the fact that heroes such as Malcolm X or the Black Panther Party coexisted with MLK and Marshall. The printing dangerously delegitimizes the current protests and their demands for justice and equality.

Jack Casey




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