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Sorry, Mr. Elci, but the reality is that America is not great

It does not surprise me that The Day keeps putting Lee Elci's column in the paper. His “An Independence Day littered with turmoil,” (July 8) was more of his biased self-serving rhetoric (see 'Wuhan Flu').

It makes no sense to read about what he "hoped to write about" when America is working to right the wrongs done by our ancestors. Is he oblivious to slavery? Does he understand the Black Lives Matter movement? Why should Colin Kaepernick celebrate Independence Day when in fact Black people have been dehumanized, brutalized, and terrorized for centuries? It is not their America, so how can he want to extol “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all Americans when so many do not have this opportunity?

It does not make sense that he "hoped to write about the qualities that make America the greatest society this world knows." We have children in cages, families still separated, and Black/Asian/Native American men and women being discriminated against every day.

He can have his celebration. I want no part of the America that takes no responsibility for its past and is not willing to recognize the pain and suffering of others. America is not great. Lee should open his eyes and heart.

Peter Shafman

Cranston, R.I.



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