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Time for change in 37th House District

This is a letter in an effort to gain more momentum around the environment. Connecticut currently has a unique opportunity to be a leader in the environmental push towards sustainable energy, clean water, and more open land reserves.

One organization that we should all look at in this regard is the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters ( This nonpartisan nonprofit is able to examine the ability of leaders based on their voting record. I hope that our community supports more positive, environmentally friendly leaders like Cate Steel. The current state representative in the 37th District of East Lyme and Salem has an abysmal lifetime 59% score!

We need leadership that helps to protect the environment and provides for the community.

A better environmental stance helps to create jobs and improve real estate value. Look at the recent events in New London towards the push in renewable wind energy. This is going to be an enormous boost to the tax revenues of the city, and also creates many jobs directly and even indirectly like increased business for Quinn & Hary marketing agency. Additionally, more open space actually increases land value by providing unique settings such as Goodwin Trail in East Lyme, providing for immense opportunity for recreation.

Irving Steel

East Lyme

Editor's note: The author is the son of the Democratic candidate in the 37th District, Cate Steel.



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