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Using Floyd's name to spin economic news was shameful choice

I have written many letters to The Day expressing my distaste for the president. However, I have not in a while. I felt he was digging his own hole rather nicely and would secure his inability to be re-elected. I have also realized that the president is behaving like a cornered animal from the media's onslaught, a media that always seems to find something wrong with everything he does.

Amazingly, his narcissism still prevails. This was shamefully proven during his June 4 speech when he said that George Floyd looking down was happy with how the economy had rebounded better than forecast. I believe he said this because Mr. Floyd, who was crucified and has forced our nation into a tail-spinning racial re-evaluation − through the First Amendment and the power of the people − could not disagree with him.

How dare you, Mr. Trump, how dare you! You cannot get much lower than that.

Steven A. Birt



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