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GOP town chairman urges McFee's defeat in Montville

As chairman of the Montville Republican Town Committee, events with regards to the registrar primary has compelled me to address Montville Republicans.

Party chairmen, be they Democrat or Republican, rely on their party’s registrar to provide information and reports with regard to new voter registrations, voter trends, changes in voter affiliations, demographics, etc. Unfortunately, Mr. McFee has not provided the information requested. In fact, he deems it unnecessary and believes reciting numbers from a tiny piece of paper is sufficient.

Due to Mr. McFee’s deficiencies and his lack of support to the Republican Party, the town committee endorsed Jeff Rogers. I served with Mr. Rogers on the last council and during our term together found him dedicated to his responsibilities and his attention to details. Details which by the way uncovered corruption under the Democrat-controlled WPCA.

I am sure that Mr. Rogers’ passion for details and his inquiring nature is why the Democratic registrar asked our town committee not to endorse Mr. Rogers. With growing concerns of voter fraud, and mail-in voting, my confidence in Mr. Rogers to ensure every legal vote be counted is unparalleled.

I am asking Montville Republicans to join me and vote for Jeff Rogers.

Tom McNally




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