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When facts about police station plan provided, then vote can happen

Camille Alberti and the East Lyme Board of Finance’s role is to provide financial oversight. I think along the lines of fiduciary rather than fiscal responsibility because they are our tax dollars. We have every right to know and should be given all additional expenses that are above and beyond the $2.2 million currently requested. The questions that we have all been asking for months: What are the withheld, omitted items, what is their total cost and when will we need the money?

First Selectman Mark Nickerson made himself look bad by playing games and failing to answer the questions. He and Vision Committee Chairman Paul Dagle have the information, yet they stonewall and ignore our requests.

The Board of Finance did not overrule the selectmen on policy. They did their job and voted no because of incomplete financials. When Nickerson provides the additional expenses, it can go to referendum because then we are all making an informed choice. Simple but not easy because Nickerson dragged this on for far too long. Game over. Show up at Wednesday's Board of Finance meeting with the information so that this can move forward.

With complete and accurate information, I will probably vote "yes" in support of our public safety professionals.

Lucira Jane Nebelung

East Lyme 


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