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Drop the mail-in, use traditional vote

The COVID-19 virus has lodged in the minds of our politicians − Republican, Democrat, independent and otherwise − resulting in some of the more idiotic decisions ever, one of which is this notion that we all have to vote by mail. If there is a way to make something more expensive, complex and troublesome, it is voting my mail. Every time I have voted, there usually haven't been long lines, if  any. In any event, the location, space and organization of check-in tables and voting booths inherently provide social distancing.

If we can go to grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, beaches, casinos, gyms, schools, workplaces, etc., and social distance and wear masks − and gather in large crowds to march and protest − why can't we vote in the same manner and fashion as we have done forever?

I understand true absentee voting is warranted (although there should not be much of it given that most of us are not absent from our homes these days), but voting my mail is another politically motivated, irresponsible decision that will further plunge this nation into a socially, politically and finanacially troubling morass that we will never overcome if it continues.

Ironically, voting will not resolve the underlying problem of politicians making decisions that further their own political and fiscal agendas rather than our needs and interests.

Ted Sulla



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