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Democrats just won't see the truth about their failed leaders

After reading many of the comments from those who are obviously wearing the Democratic rose-colored glasses, one might call them stubborn. But these special rose-colored glasses wearing types of people − who are indeed stubborn sometimes − know they are wrong, but just do not want to admit it. These rose-colored glasses wearers who truly believe wrong things, most of the time, about themselves and their political heroes and idols, are "mythomaniacs."

Mythomania is an illness and is a side effect from wearing the Democratic rose-colored glasses.

It appears that when the only defensive gratification is to grasp for straws — take for example House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's illegal/and wrongful hair escapades, which she tried to deflect as justified by raising other perceived improprieties — it is accepted due to the distortion caused by the Democratic rose-colored glasses effect.

Another excellent example of the Democratic rose-colored glasses effect is the acceptance of U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff's and U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler's behaviors despite the disappoints of their failed impeachment proceedings.

The Day commentators should be warned that the wearing of Democratic rose-colored glasses can and will cause mythomania.

Jeff Suntup

New London


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