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Cult-like Trump support is frightening

I was a vigorous, peaceful, anti-Vietnam War activist who served in Vietnam. I have always supported our heroic Vets and put the blame on two presidents.

Facts do not lie. Even if only some of the current reports are accurate, which I believe they are, we all have seen and heard what was said about the late Sen. John McCain.

So, I have a rhetorical question. How can there still be 43.5% of Americans in support of Trump? Stupidly, I once believed that some did not want to admit being wrong! What scares me the most is he is now a cult-like entity with no redeeming qualities at all.

Is more violence and QAnon in our future or do we make America Trumpless again? How can we forget Jim Jones! Time to do the right thing.

The Republican Party needs to completely restructure itself in order to get any independent voters. Instead, they appear to be lemmings!

Bill Culotta

Old Lyme


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