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Elder abuse in the Democratic party?

As a retired RN and longtime caregiver to a spouse with dementia I have been observing this election season with concern.

It seems clear to me that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is not actually running for president. He is being run for president.

Any videos of Biden that go back just a few years show an affable, caring man capable of speaking plainly on important topics. This is certainly not the Joe Biden we see and hear today. When he speaks, he forgets what he is talking about, scrambles his sentences and cannot conclude a thought. This, naturally, leaves him open to ridicule from the opposition. Yet we are not told who his handlers are and what they are planning if he is elected. Will they continue operating behind the scenes with Joe Biden as puppet/front man after inauguration? Will he suddenly be deemed incapacitated, turning the presidency over to Kamala Harris and an as-yet-unnamed vice president?

It seems to me that in order to obtain power the Democratic party is using Joe Biden because of his known affable personality and is guilty of being dishonest to the American people and committing blatant elder abuse.

Diana Bortolin




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