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Health care better than guaranteed income

An article in The Day was about mayors across the country considering a guaranteed income to reduce poverty, “Mayors vow to launch guaranteed income programs across U.S.” (Sept. 17). We would be far better off applying that money to universal health care. It would increase jobs and hopefully open clinics in underserved areas of the country. People would be less likely to defer preventive treatment due to cost. There would be less bankruptcy due to health care bills. So much poverty comes from poor health. I am familiar with adults that do not spend wisely the money they get.

I have good health care insurance and it still costs me a lot of money for cancer treatment and cataract surgery and follow-up visits. Our private health care insurance system is way too expensive and does not serve enough of the population, and it has been made worse with loss of jobs and the increase in contract labor that does not provide health insurance. It is bad and it is going to get worse.

Jane Price

New London



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