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Not a loser or a sucker, and not voting for Trump

I consider myself an Eisenhower Republican, but I have never cast a vote on the basis of party affiliation alone. On occasion, I have crossed party lines to vote for someone in "the other party" who I felt was a better choice. In 2016 I gave Trump the benefit of my doubt, willing to give him a chance and see what he could do for the country.

It took only a year or so to perceive his total inability to do the job, followed closely by the swarm of corrupt advisers and counselors, both in his administration and within the news media. The final act in my repudiation was being referred to as a loser and a sucker. He will never grasp the reasons that I and my contemporaries chose to serve in the military and risk my life in Vietnam.

At this point, I have chosen not to vote for this psychopath. Moreover, I have disavowed any connection with those Republicans who choose to serve as fig leaves for this inane and corrupt narcissist. I would ask anyone with a sense of justice and reason do likewise in November.

John H. Nason




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