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Reassess Electoral College

It is time to reassess the Electoral College. For years it has robbed people of the importance of their vote. As a Republican in Connecticut your vote means little, as the state usually votes Democratic; the same is true for Democrats in other states. We face the possibility that a president, for the first time, may be re-elected while losing the popular vote in both elections, again negating the voting power of the majority, which the college was never designed to do.

A solution might be that a candidate who wins 30% of the popular vote in a state gets 30% of the state's electoral votes. Every voter has an impact. To have a minority president fail to win a popular vote yet be elected twice is a failure of the system. The effects can be generational, as this minority president has already appointed two justices, has nominated a third, and is second in the number of judges appointed at all levels. This will have an impact long beyond his terms of office, in spite of losing the popular vote once already and probably in the second election. This is not reflective of a government of the people.

Robert Lamperelli




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