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She had a problem, Formica got it fixed

My name is Monica Rossi. I used to own Monica's State Street Diner. A while back, a fire on our rooftop put us out of business for seven months. During that time, we rebuilt and restored the diner for many people to enjoy. However, our electricity had been shut off and would not return to service until we reopened. After a month, I received an electric bill from Eversource with an astronomical amount, being charged for all the months I was closed.

I called them up and told them my sad story, but they would not budge, threatening to shut my power off. I needed to do something. I told a few people about what had happened, and they mentioned that state Sen. Paul Formica might be able to help and, yes, he did. He got on the phone and somehow worked his magic and all the charges were dropped. Thank you, Paul, for everything you did and shame on Eversource for the way they conducted their business.

It is because of my experience that I implore all in the 20th District to vote for Paul.

Monica Rossi




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