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Dog owners messing up Bluff Point State Park

I am sad. I am mad. Bluff Point State Park is undeniably a beautiful natural area. I just took a short hike there, conducting research. It was not a migratory bird count. I was counting dog poop bags tossed by irresponsible dog owners. Research report to follow:

Time of day: 10:30 a.m.

Weather: 58 degrees, overcast.

Distance walked on main trail: Less than a quarter of a mile.

Number and color of full dog waste bags: One red, four green, one black, one blue, one yellow.

Specific places poop bags observed: Most among leaves on ground, one in crotch of a tree, one hanging in shrubbery.

Conclusions: Many people who walk their dogs at Bluff Point are very responsible and take waste elsewhere for proper disposal. Others have no regard for natural beauty and no respect for people trying to enjoy the park.

Added note: Offenders may suffer tendinitis as a result of poop bag flinging.

Pamela Tankard



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