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Elci should have followed up

Lee Elci’s Nov. 18 column is an example of the whack-a-mole commentaries of the past four years, “No lack of candidates to lead state Republicans into brighter future.” Not so in content but in the abrupt subject change from his Nov. 11 commentary, when he hid behind the “confidence of having your vote count” to justify Trump’s attacks on our election system because people did not vote for him.

Just as in previous years, citizens voted, election officials tallied, and media reported. Trump accepted this in 2016. Other than Biden as the projected winner in 2020, what is different?

No one disputes the right to challenge election results. All credible questions must be resolved. It is alarming that Trump can lead his supporters to shamelessly claim fraud with no basis. It is reckless to fire Christopher Krebs, Director CISA, after Krebs said, “the election was the most secure in history.”

We see the court cases and recounts and Giuliani’s antics, while Trump hides at his golf course with the nation struggling. As Elci said, “If the president's allegations fall flat then he will appear as a narcissistic, ego-driven, egocentric, drowning madman, desperately struggling for a life preserver.” I would have expected Elci to follow up on that statement.

Al Elms



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