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Misguided priorities once again on display in Coach King case

I reference the articles on coach "Tim King" in Sports by Ned Griffin and by Mike DiMauro. I too am "shocked," as one player expressed in support of his coach.

My shock, however, is for the myopic thinking. I am shocked at the support given to self-indulgent players, parents, and coaches. Where is the reference to the pandemic that rages nationally, and globally − the motivation for the CIAC ban? Popularity, however, sways the scales and a selfish parent glorifies football over reason. Meanwhile, the U.S. death toll approaches WWII levels.

Mike DiMauro's "truth" is ambiguous. It sets aside the existence of the pandemic. He goes on to cite a 2004 law, saying "insubordination" does not apply in the King case. How about the "moral conduct" piece of that law? Putting lives at risk is a moral issue when it ignores scientific leadership to gratify self-indulgence. It is a fallacy to think freedom allows one to act without restraint. Laws are made for a reason. You cannot steal, speed in your car, etc. As a leader, or a parent, you have a responsibility to protect others. The CIAC acted responsibly, agree or not, when it imposed the ban.

The leaders have subverted their efforts to protect us all. That is the truth.

Richard Conover


Editor's note: Tim King will remain head coach of the Valley Regional/Old Lyme football co-op. The Regional School District No. 4 announced Monday night that it had rescinded its request that he resign.



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