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Republican sellout for political gain

Where to begin?

I have to speak with emotion. I am so frightened for our country as I watch the current situation in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, Jan. 6, as the Senate discusses objection to certifying the Electoral College decision!

Some Republicans are following President Trump's dictates only for political reasons in fear of losing support from the Trumpers. Example, Sen. Ted Cruz: how can he support a man who insulted his family terribly?

Trump has been poison for our country; he will do anything for self-interest. (To me he fits the description of the anti-Christ.) He has failed us by dividing our people and not placing people's lives in this pandemic as his first priority. All this "conspiracy, rigged, fraud" stuff only revolves around himself. He is not psychologically healthy.

He really does not care about his supporters and our democracy. That is the real fake.

I certainly understand people supporting some conservative ideas; I am a centrist myself. Look at all the energy and attention given his loss since Nov. 3. This time should have been devoted to saving lives!

I beg Trumpers to see what this cult leader is doing to our country.

Ellen Gottfried




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