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Troubling double standard was on full display

Watching the coverage of the attack on the Capitol Building I was struck with shame over the effort of people egged on by the president of the United States who tried to change the outcome of a fair election.

While ashamed of how these people behaved, I was angry. Angry about how our government treated these people. Why was it that when people protested over "Black Lives Matter" issues the police saw fit to use rubber bullets, tear and pepper spray and sticks to bring them under so-called control? Yet when people try to overthrow our government, they did very little to stop them and even appeared to treat them with kid gloves. If peaceful demonstrations call for physical force so the president can have a photo-op in front of a church, I would think that people who try to overthrow our electoral system and storm the house of the people deserve no mercy.

These were not people seeking a voice. They were traitors trying to overthrow a government.

Raymond Han




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