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Impeachment could let Trump off the hook

Impeaching President Trump now and then removing him is a bad idea.

I am a conservative Republican and voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. I agree with his concerns that America’s prosperity and economic sovereignty are at risk of being overrun by unchecked globalism. Massive trade deficits with China and a policy of open borders are bad for America. America is an imperfect but good country; isolated incidents like George Floyd do not show widespread systemic racism and call for America to be torn down.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton said half of Trump’s supporters fit in basket of deplorables. Many Trump defenders, including the not always "fair and balanced" Sean Hannity of Fox News, said they would wear that basket as a badge of honor and also said that Hillary was out of touch with the right American values.

Last Wednesday, when Trump incited his mob to storm the Capitol and try to overthrow the election, it proved Hillary right. But Trump should not be impeached and removed now. Congress should instead condemn Trump by censure, not remove him by impeaching. If Vice President Pence becomes president, he may pardon Trump, believing the nation needs to be healed − as President Ford did with Richard Nixon.

Trump deserves his day in court after he leaves office. Then we should lock him up.

James Roy




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