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Teach our young to recognize propaganda

So, we have seen what happens when people blindly follow an autocratic cult leader for four long years. It has been beyond tragic and our recovery will take some time.

We ask ourselves why these followers did not question Trump’s behavior and continued to believe his lies and false promises. Where was their skepticism when evidence of his deception was so apparent? It appears that many are unable to differentiate between what is true and what is false.

The last four years have shown us that ignoring the truth has brutal consequences. Something must change or it will happen again.

It is essential that young people learn about the psychology of propaganda and the importance of the truth, especially now when social media is a large part of their everyday lives.

Some children learn healthy skepticism from their parents, but others do not. That is why critical thinking and logical analysis should be taught beginning in middle school and during each year of high school with a special focus on social media.

Julie Redding

West Hartford




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