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Looking for details to start his reprogramming

I did not vote for our president. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I am guilty of thinking for myself, but I do not want to be canceled. I need help. I saw on CNN (or was it MSNBC) that if I do not already despise former President Trump and every other Republican, I will need reprogramming before I can cancel being canceled and rejoin “civil” society.

I do have a few questions though.

First, when, and where can I apply for reprogramming? Next, I am now on a fixed income so I need to know if I can I piggyback reprogramming with my free COVID-19 vaccine or will reprogramming cost extra? Is reprogramming covered by my Medicare or Advantage plan? Most important, how will I know I am getting the approved reprogramming, and will I get a certificate of some kind or an ID card I can use to prove my reprogramming is complete?

Finally, how will I be notified when future updates become available?

Michael Scanlon




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