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Parents should encourage young people vaccination

Parental involvement is paramount regarding the encouragement of young people to be vaccinated for the coronavirus. The importance of young people being vaccinated when vaccines are available to them cannot be overstated. Young people are carriers of the virus, but do not know it because they are often asymptomatic and have not been tested.

Recently, I completed a survey of students at a midsized university in Connecticut to determine the extent of their vaccine hesitancy regarding coronavirus vaccines. The random sample consisted of 592 graduate and undergraduate students. Responses to the survey question, "Will you be vaccinated for the coronavirus when vaccines are available to you?" included the following responses: 299 (50.6%) responded yes, 176 (29.8%) responded no, and 114 (19.3%) responded not sure. Approximately half of the students responded no or were not sure. Comments from students regarding their responses showed that fear of the unknown contributed to why they were not sure if they would get the vaccine. This fear can be mitigated by parents providing information as it becomes available regarding the safety and the importance of being vaccinated.

C. Kevin Synnott

Lecturer F

Department of Business Administration, Management and Marketing

Eastern Connecticut State University




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