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So now Republicans want to heal? Seriously?

The article "Groton City Republicans will not run in May election, citing concerns over hostility towards Republicans," (Jan. 22), keeps coming back to me. Evidently, Republicans are experiencing a backlash "whether they supported (Trump) or not..." They are "Being bullied" for national issues that "should not play a role" on the state/local level, as if the Republicans in the state are not part of the Republicans in the nation. As if we knew which of them did not support the president. There is total silence on that. You do not need to know. We must just heal.

But heal what? I do not hear the GOP on any level acknowledging wounds that the GOP inflicted. No "statesmen" in the local or state GOP is criticizing anything the Man Who Would be King ever said or did, up to and including the attempt to overthrow the government by hijacking an election.

We hear distractions and blame placed on unnamed people on the "left" for actions by insurrectionists and quislings that got caught, egged on by a man enabled by a party which, at the highest levels, is working to build an oligarchy at best and a dictatorship at worst. And, until the local and state GOP understand that, nothing will change. 

Meanwhile, ahunning the GOP is the least we can do.

John Kiss



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