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Thanks, Collins, for exposing efforts to destroy my brother

Growing up my father ran a gas station in downtown Hartford and there never was a better businessman than him. He was tough, smart, and strong and − if you crossed him − mean. He is the most honest and generous man I ever knew. My dad's customers were like family to him and he would bend over backwards for them.

I see so much of my father in my brother Steve Farrelly, which is why it pains me to watch what − from Chicago at least − looks like undeniable government corruption destroying my brother's life's work.

Aside from a strong worth ethic, my mom and dad instilled faith in my brother and sisters. Faith in ourselves. Faith in each other. Faith in the goodness and kindness of others, even strangers. Faith in the American system. Most of all faith in God.

I commend the efforts and tenacity of those challenging the State Pier plan. I especially admire columnist David Collins of The Day  for exposing the bad judgment and corruption at the Connecticut Port Authority. Thanks for looking out for my kid brother, David.

Grateful and watching from Chicago.

Francis T. Farrelly

Chicago, Ill. 


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