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It is socialism movement that threatens democracy

One thing Oren Jacobson got right is his warning, "The threat to democracy has only begun,” (Feb. 14). I agree most heartily, except for the fact the danger is coming from the socialists who have profoundly mistaken the opening battle for the hearts and souls of mankind in this Republic to those in failed socialist governments in Europe and South America.

Trump's presidency was nothing more than a skirmish filled with mistakes of a non-politician. Nonetheless, "We the People" saw immediate results in the economy, new trade deals, businesses returning to the United States, the end of unfair tariffs that had been put into place at the end of World War II to rebuild Europe and Japan, as well as strengthening of the NATO treaties and much more.

Trump's downfall was his inability to choose his battles and keep his mouth shut. The Republicans control two-thirds of the state governments, 2,800 of the 3,200 county governments and 75% of the gography of this Republic. Jacobson's claim "we only have one party committed to democracy" will certainly lead us towards the likes of Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Venezuela. Perhaps this happy socialist would name one socialist experiment that did not turn its citizens into indentured servants?

Times up!

James L. Miller




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