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Driving DRVN out of business is wrong

I am both disappointed with how Connecticut handled the salt situation with its terminals/ports and amazed by the corrupt manner of the individuals involved in the port bidding project, the wind turbine deal and removal of the small business DRVN from the port in New London.

DRVN and its owner, Steve Farrelly, exemplify the American Dream. How can the state be allowed to run a guy out of business, someone who has worked so hard to succeed? A New London business that has done only good for the state, providing road salt for years now. Good quality salt, for a reasonable price, keeping the roads safe. The people want answers.

I’m most concerned the administration in Connecticut is trying to brush this under the rug. There is a much deeper story. Jobs and companies have suffered due to these poor and reckless decisions. Don’t turn away from this, Gov. Lamont. Step in and  correct this mistake.

A monopoly is not good for anyone. You are seeing that now. None of the local towns have reasonable access to salt. Unsalted winter roads are unsafe. Public safety is at risk. One company controlling two ports is a bad idea. And what company wants to do business with their competitors − the guys at the New Haven port do salt also!

Please do the right thing governor, for the small-business guy.

Andy Lindamood

President of Michigan Salt Products and a supplier to DRVN.

Oxford, Mich.



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