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Get vaccinated; if not for you, then for others

To those who are hesitant over reactions from getting the COVID-19 vaccination, I can report that after four weeks and two doses, I have never felt so much as a dull pain. It is as if it never happened.

What it is, however, is not just a reduced possibility that I will get sick, be hospitalized, fight for breath, and die alone (no family or visitors allowed), at least as importantly, it means that I will not cause that for somebody else. Actual experience is showing that vaccinated people are much less likely to be transmitters of the virus, while unvaccinated people can carry and transmit it before they feel any symptoms, or without ever feeling them. This virus is transmitted mainly by people who feel fine, or like they have a common cold, not by people who are seriously sick at home or in the hospital.

So, you do this not just for yourself − you do it for your family, friends, coworkers, and the people you pass in the grocery store. You do it so you do not infect one of them or transmit the virus to them so they can pass it to somebody else.

You do it for your country.

David Bristle




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