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It appears Bumgardner is not ready for mayoral job

While I no longer live in the City of Groton, I lived the majority of my adult life there, and have family and many friends there. I served on City Council, as city clerk, and on RTM, so I have a good grasp on how government works in the city. The city is dear to my heart, and I care what happens there.

I have repeatedly asked Aundré Bumgardner and his supporters to answer a few questions, but neither he nor his supporters answered them. I was told to call him or directed to a slick, professionally produced video. These are the questions: What are your qualifications for this office? Work experience? Management/supervisory experience? Education? Current job?

No one has answered these questions for me. This is information on a candidate that should be easily available to the voter.

It takes more than political experience to run the City of Groton; it takes business acumen, and supervisory/management experience; current Mayor Keith Hedrick has all of those qualifications. Does Aundré Bumgardner have these qualifications? I have asked him. He has not answered.

Debra Elkins Dickey




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