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Politicians and media benefit from mutual demonization

Politics circa 2021. To my Republican friends: Democrats won Congress and the presidency. Does anyone see “a radical socialist agenda” in progress? Not. A majority of Americans support President Joe Biden’s stimulus plan, a reasonable minimum wage, immigration reform, infrastructure projects. This is NOT radical socialism, but the attacks on this agenda are ugly propaganda meant to frighten, polarize, and mislead. And to my Democrat friends: The judiciary has been packed with right-leaning judges. Yet multiple Republican judges rejected former President Trump’s election lies. And they continue to rule that he is not above the law: he can be held accountable for misconduct.

Ditto on COVID-19. While Trump mismanaged and misled, costing innumerable lives, he deserves huge credit for expediting vaccine development that will solve the problem. Yet if 50% of Republicans refuse to get vaccinated and too many eschew masks/distancing, thousands more Americans will needlessly die, and the economy will continue to flail due to politically motivated disinformation.

We are being played by politicians and media who benefit from our mutual demonization. Democrats and Republicans: Unite in common cause to punish the demagogues and media who divide us!

CA Manthous

East Lyme



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