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Mayor Keith deserves your vote Monday

I encourage all Democrats in the City of Groton to vote Monday for our hard-working and honest Mayor Keith Hedrick.

I love living in the City of Groton. We have all the good things that contribute to an excellent quality of life. Within our small (3.3 square miles) city, we have: A university, huge park, beaches, playgrounds, golf course, library, elementary and high schools, two major corporations, Revolutionary War battlefield, historic homes, affordable housing, and great residential neighborhoods.

I love it that when a weather catastrophe hits, we do not worry about our roads or electricity. Storm damage cleanups are amazingly prompt. Our police are doing new and innovative things for community relations. All our recreation programs last year were kept open successfully and safely despite COVID-19.

I do love that our taxes were lowered for three years; kept even for the fourth.

A mayor runs a city, and our mayor is keeping this one running smoothly and efficiently. In my mind, being young is not a good enough qualification for such a job. Mayor Keith is doing a superior job. I hope that all youngsters and oldsters go vote Monday to keep Mayor Keith in his job!

Milly Carlson




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