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Bumgardner not ready to lead a city

As Monday's Democrat primary for mayor of Groton City approaches I have grave concerns about candidate Aundré Bumgardner. We the people cannot elect a 26-year-old to the extremely important position of mayor.

I have questions for Mr. Bumgardner. I see that he attended Three Rivers Community College. Did he earn his associates degree? In what field is his degree? Does Mr. Bumgardner have a job? If he does, what is it? His "jobs" seem to have only  been in politics and government. These are all basic questions that should have been answered in his slick political ad but are not.

Mr. Bumgardner needs get up when it is cold and dark and go to work in the private sector. I would also suggest that he buy a home in the city so that he knows what it is like to pay property taxes and make mortgage payments. How does he expect to manage the City of Groton, when he does not have the experience of managing a household?

Neal Gardner


Editor's note: Mr. Bumgardner responded that he is not currently employed and does not have a college degree. He does not own a home in the city.





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