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Day reporting slanted to help Bumgardner win in Groton City

Are Day reporters a political candidate's press wing?

As a city resident, the fawning "journalism" by columnist David Collins and Staff Writer Kimberly Drelich showed zero objectivity and promoted one candidate in the City of Groton Democratic mayoral primary.

"Old white guy" Collins' first sentence of his January 9 column says, “I don’t know Aundré Bumgardner well, but I know enough about him to be certain that he would make an excellent mayor for the City of Groton.” He completely discredited himself by saying this! If Collins did an ounce of research, he would have found Bumgardner is unemployed, which was not revealed by The Day until just before the primary. Why did it take months for this critical information to come out?

Drelich wrote at least three propaganda pieces that supported the now Democrat nominee. Bumgardner blocked several constituents from his personal Facebook page he claims is for friends and family, yet which he still uses for governmental and campaign purposes, which the ACLU states is inappropriate. Drelich did not include any follow-up questions. City residents continue to have serious questions unanswered.

These two, and The Day, are doing a disservice to our community. We deserve better.

Jean-Claude Ambroise


Editor's note: In the Feb. 28 article, "Groton City Democratic primary becomes contentious on social media," Staff Writer Kimberly Drelich reported on the controversy concerning Aundré Bumgardner's Facebook page, questioned him about it, and referenced the ACLU's stance on such matters.



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