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Take on the elite, preserve the Constitution

Nature dominates humans as it dominates the universe. In all the years of human history, humans have been controlled by whatever produced an elite.

Today's elite comprise the long-term Congress members, technology bigs, corporations, the Justice Department, and billionaires. They are the uncommon. They do not need the Constitution to protect their rights, they buy their own rights.

You and I are commoners. We need the Constitution to be strong and present in our lives because it is our protection from the elite who can buy a political party and fund their elections, so that once elected they can use the treasury − on the pretext of charity − that keeps the poor dependent, supporting the elite.

The amazing growth of technology presently is getting so far ahead of the commoners' knowledge that technology can violate the Constitution while the commoners are unable to move quickly enough to protect their rights.

The Constitution is uniquely American, a body of laws developed to give common people rights historically denied them by elite societies. The Constitution gives us the votes to combat the elite and maintain our freedom.

Right now, the elite have gained control by ignoring the Constitution. Your freedom is the stake.

Howard Flora




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