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Another embarrassing offering from The Day

In response to Robert Reich’s op-ed piece, “The politics of bigotry, 21st century style,” (March 29), it is obvious that both he and Editorial Page Editor Paul Choiniere are devoid of a speck of dignity to allow such dishonest propaganda! Does Reich actually believe that there is no surge at our border, that it is the conservatives that are spreading lies, hate, manipulation, and vicious poison? Not one item in the piece was based on fact, as is the case with many of the offerings by those like him and Day columnist David Collins. It is time this rag put aside their agenda and hypocrisy.

I understand it is an opinion page, but opinion should be based on reality and not biased hate.

Mike Zito


Editor's note: While the letter writer is entitled to his opinion, The Day only publishes commentary that is based on factual information.



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