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Georgia voting law doesn't limit access to the polls

The author of the letter “Georgia voting laws harken to dark period of Black voter suppression,” (March 31) offered no evidence to justify her screed. The facts prove her wrong.

Instead of signature matching, voters will submit a state ID number with their mail ballots or applications. This way there is no arguing over handwriting. Anyone who lacks an ID can get one for free. To avoid a recurrence of slipshod conduct in places like Floyd County, which last year initially overlooked some 2,600 ballots, the state can suspend local election directors and appoint temporary replacements. Every eligible Georgia voter will continue to be allowed to request a mail ballot for the sake of simple convenience — or for no reason at all.

Weekend voting hours will accommodate Black churches’ “Souls to the Polls” events. A voter can request a ballot as early as 11 weeks prior to an election or as late as 11 days prior (any later date risks the completed ballot not getting delivered in time). Mail ballots are due 11 days before the election, instead of four days. If that is racist, so is the U.S. Postal Service, which urges voters to allow 15 days for two-way delivery.

Joao R. Caxide




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