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Natural gas push is not climate friendly

In an unbelievable act of ignorance, Eversource, with the approval of the Public Utility Control Authority, is continuing its efforts to put natural gas lines in areas of Connecticut. The latest will be along Route 32 in Quaker Hill. Perhaps the clueless decision-makers have not heard of anthropogenic climate change, so I am referring them to where they can see for themselves the impact of fossil fuels on our changing climate. Of course, all you will hear from Eversource is that natural gas is cleaner than coal, but it is still a major contributor to both CO2 in the atmosphere as well as methane. It is estimated that about 13 million metric tons of natural gas are leaked into the atmosphere by the industry every year.

Since the incompetents at Eversource are unlikely to actually care enough to research the implications of this leakage, I will save them the effort and just tell them. A 3% leakage of natural gas would mean no net savings of greenhouse gases over coal burning. While many industries are now making changes to energy policies and technologies, why is Eversource being allowed to negate the benefits of converting automobiles to electric and individual homes to solar? Their destructive plans should be stopped now.

George Blahun Jr.




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