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Pick Mayor Hedrick over political opportunist

Keith Hedrick is doing a great job as the Democratic mayor of the City of Groton. So why would an unendorsed candidate go against the Democratic Party and run for office? Perhaps he is a DINO, considering his previous association with the GOP.

I live in the Town of Groton, not Groton City, but because of the interconnectivity of the two, what happens in the city effects the town. As anyone who has worked with Aundré Bumgardner knows (as I did on the Town Council), Aundré does what is best for Aundré's political agenda.

And what is all this talk about, "I like that he goes door to door?" My mailman goes door to door but that does not qualify him to be mayor. A 26-year-old unemployed individual with minimal experience and education is not good for our political agenda. I strongly urge Groton City voters to re-elect Keith Hedrick as the mayor of the City of Groton.

David Atwater




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