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New London plan makes him sick

Did you read the recent Day news article entitled, "Lamont comes to New London to tout economic development," (April 7) along with a photo-op of New London Mayor Michael Passero, Rep. Joe Courtney and Gov. Ned Lamont? It was like a remake of the Harbor Towers celebration, signaling some kind of incredible successful event. I could not get out of my place fast enough before I vomited.

It is an odd measure of success to tout more rental units as an indicator of noteworthy achievement. I could not help myself as my jaw dropped in stupefied amazement of such unrivaled creative urban planning. Why does my mind envision these apartments as the future incarnation of the Crystal Avenue high rises 20 years down the road? More and more apartments are still coming, built on the promise of more and more submarine contracts.

Forget the necessities like nearby grocery stores for current residents and prospective renters that are within close walking distance. Does anyone think this is the plan conceived by Yale University based on its studies of the area several years ago? Affordable housing is surely needed, especially considering the current home prices, but this is all too common, run of the mill; thinking begs for something a little more uncommon.

The emperors are showing off their new clothes.

Lyle Green

New London



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