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Some 'stinks' are better than others

First, a giant cheer for Major League Baseball, several corporations, and the many individuals who stand against stinky Georgia legislation that limits how, when and where people can vote. Like Winston Churchill, they say, "This is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put."

Next, a big cheer for the Fitch High School Grad Committee. After what they, and most of us, call "a really crappy year,” they organized Flush, a successful fundraiser involving toilets that move and even bloom.

Finally, a loud cheer for skunk cabbage, the aromatic, bright green stuff that is a true sign of spring around here. Botanists note that skunk cabbage attracts its pollinators, flies, and bees. Kids (and folks who remember being kids) know it is a source of artillery.

Deep inside the plants' leaves are little "stink bombs." Grownups recall epic stink bomb battles that they and neighborhood kids once waged, with shouts of "Stink Man!" whenever a target was hit.

It is spring! Sure, we have challenges, from huge (protecting democracy) to considerable (high school fundraising) to merely practical (uh-oh, another stink bomb). Just go to it! Aim well.

Carolyn Battista




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