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Bumgardner obvious choice in Groton election

I was not planning on writing a letter to the editor, but I need to speak up. If you can tell anything about a candidate by their supporters, the obvious choice is Aundré Bumgardner. I have been taken aback and saddened by the negative tone of Mayor Keith Hedrick’s supporters, and he has been joining their divisive politics actively by sharing negative letter after negative letter. They continually attack this young man, while Bumgardner’s supporters have been positive and praiseworthy of his candidacy.

As a former deputy mayor in the City of Groton, I know firsthand the importance of listening to residents and having an open-door policy that means keeping that door open throughout your time in office, not just during election time.

Aundre’s campaign and supporters have stayed positive and talked about his qualifications and vision for the City of Groton. Keith’s supporters have focused on tearing down the other candidate. That is enough for me to say enough. It is time for a breath of fresh air. If you want a vision for our city, join me. Let’s reject negative politics that tear others down. Vote for the positive candidate who comes to your door: Aundré Bumgardner.

Tony Skiff



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