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Editorial's criticism of Georgia voting law lacked proof

Where's the proof?

The editorial, "Criticism of Georgia voting law well deserved," (April 8) made the assertion that the new law places "greater restrictions on voting" in Georgia. I am curious how The Day editorial board made that determination.

Did they read the new law and compare it to the old, line by line, so they could be firsthand accurate with their accusation that the primary goal of the State of Georgia legislative body is to "suppress the Black vote in future elections?"

That is a strong criticism, and I would hope that a publication, that unfortunately influences some people's thinking, espouses the truth, not hearsay and biases from other media sources that have been proven wrong on a number of occasions.

As Joe Friday of "Dragnet" fame would admonish, "just the facts ma'am, just the facts."

Joseph Tycz


Editor's note: The Georgia law was read, reviewed and assessed before the editorial board took its position.


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