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Elci noted problem. How about solution?

In Lee Elci's column, "Swampy Washington needs a second Washington," (April 7) he rightfully listed maybe two dozen lawmakers who have had scandals. His final answer was "Drain the Swamp," not offering any suggestion as to how that might be done. I would like to suggest a few starting solutions since he probably did not have enough room in his column, because the list is endless from George Washington's time.

1. Repeal Citizens United that has allowed unlimited corporate and private donations.

2. Require certified tax returns for at least five years open to the public.

3. Anyone having or had offshore accounts is disqualified.

4. Require Congress's Ethics Committee to report all violations and results.

5. And this one is pie in the sky — ban lobbying.

My congratulations to Lee for pointing out a flaw in our "democratic" system since George Washington's time. I just believe the swamp will continue if there is so much outside money involved.

Joe Josephides

East Lyme


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