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Old Lyme minister should focus on souls

It is sad to me that Rev. Steven R. Jungkeit, “Lifting the veil,” (April 25) is in ministry but still cannot see that the problems of humans have nothing to do with the "system" and everything to do with the souls in the system. He labels the problem "systemic" − he blames the system. Is it the system or sin that makes humans selfish?

Systems allow injustice of every skin color all over the world (40,300,000 slaves, for one example). Systems fail humans because they are run by humans.

We already have many laws to protect people from injustice and they have not worked. Are the broken people administrating those laws the problem? Laws do not change human hearts. Rebirth will.

I heard a story of a boy challenged to fix a map of the world that was torn apart. He finished the puzzle in a few minutes. When asked how, he said, "There was a picture of a man on the back. I fixed the man and that fixed the world."

The age-old problem is not a "system," it is the heart. Fix the man, reverend. You have a pulpit and the tool − the Bible. Refocus.

Preach the Word.

Bill Muscella




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