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Osten logic flawed on vaccines exemption

Sen. Cathy Osten’s logic around voting for the religious exemption is so flawed it makes me question whether she is capable of understanding the legislation. She stated her reason was that she had the “opportunity to say no” to a vaccine back in 1977, so then parents today should have the same choice. Ms. Osten did not say no due to religious reasons, for no religion is anti-vaccine. Ms. Osten should be reminded that in the 1970s you also had the choice between leaded and unleaded gasoline, but the government stepped in, for the science told us that leaded gas was making children sick.

If Ms. Osten thinks parents should have the choice to do what they want with their kids, then why do we have the state Department of Children and Families? We have DCF for parents who do not have the right to beat the sin out of them for “religious” reasons. Thanks to science, childhood cancer survival rates are much higher today compared to 1977. The problem is children fighting cancer cannot return to their schools due to anti-vaccine advocates and Ms. Osten, who had such a privileged and precious choice back in 1977.

Philip Brose




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