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Won't recognize 'thin-skinned' America if Democrats prevail

You know in all of my years I have never seen such thin-skinned people in this country. A man loses his job reporting sports because he said something good about his country. Another man is abused because he said that he stands for his flag after donating $5 million to the city he works in. They take down a statue in Virginia of Robert E. Lee because it does not fit with today's thin-skinned attitude. What is next, start burning books because they say something that you do not like? Next, they will be after the guns, just like the Nazi regieme did in the 1930s Germany.

If we stand around and let this continue, we are going to have open borders, with legions of people coming in illegally. The Electoral College will be a thing of the past, with large cities controlling who gets into office and the little states and cities powerless.

Wake up America, the Democrats care nothing about who and what they hurt to extend their agenda to better themselves.

Just look at the money that they have squirreled away since being in office. Start with President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Senate leader Schumer, and the rest of that bunch. What they have been doing to former President Trump is criminal.

Barton Tanner




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