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Erect a sign on that cemetery

Sometimes we take a drive or walk into the woods and come across a cemetery without its name listed on a plaque or sign. And occasionally there is no phone number listed, so if you need to call for assistance you're out of luck unless you contact the police.

I have done cemetery research since my youth and have run into many cemeteries lacking the basic information. It should be mandatory that every cemetery's name is clearly listed, and the contact number added at the front entrance in bold color numbers. Just a simple easy fix to make things easier for people coming to pay respect to their loved ones. I pray we see this often-overlooked problem taken care of as soon as possible, as there is no excuse not to, and i would even paint the cemetery sign myself. As hard as it is for some to believe, not everyone has or uses a computer or has a smart phone to help them find the correct cemetery, so they cannot look up find a grave, which is a useful tool, especially if that individual is homebound or has no one who can drive them around.

Ed Victoria




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