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Aggravation that IRS appears overwhelmed, its resources inadequate

On behalf of a struggling family who has not received an IRS refund based upon a 2020 tax return, I wrote a letter to Senator Richard Blumenthal on his website. I explained that the individual filed on February 26 and has tried calling the designated number and downloading the appropriate app for a resolution, all to no avail. Calls go unanswered and the app keeps coming back "in process." Recently I received an email back from the senator's office, obviously a form letter, which states that there are currently 16 million unprocessed tax returns for 2020 and some even going back to 2019.

It seems clear that the IRS is overwhelmed with tax returns and stimulus payments. Our government should know better. When you update, revise, and modify a massive system our government needs to have the technology and manpower at the IRS in place to avoid even more pain to those who are entitled to a timely refund. Why would our government announce a program that they could not implement effectively? It is like the guy who opens a restaurant and has all the food, but no one to serve it up and run the cash register.

Marshall Chiaraluce




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