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There are rules for that

Regarding the article “State Democrats discuss filibuster, ‘calling the question’” (July 13), it appears members of the Connecticut legislature have found a way to circumvent their own by-laws and Robert’s Rules of Order. The Connecticut By-Laws call for Robert’s Rules to be the system for managing “order." Robert’s Rules acknowledges the need to allow debate and discussion but also maintain some reasonable limit on said debate. The process works if allowed. The question (bill) is on the floor being debated. A member “calls the question” and a vote is required. If the vote passes, a vote on the question (bill) occurs and a vote on the original question (bill) is taken. If the “call the question” fails, debate can continue. The legislative body therefore discloses its preference. It is inappropriate for either party to utilize some back-room decision to not "call the question." Such traditions are what impede the work of a legislative body. All legislators should/must  follow the by-laws they agreed to uphold. Just do your job!

Paul Berkel




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